Schedule your spiritual reading or healing session by calling 814-450-2149814-450-2149 or sending a request through the contact page. Group sessions are also available.

Jenn is dedicated to healing of an individual at all levels of being. This includes the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects of a person.

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Rev. Jenn Shepherd  is a proud mother of 4 boys ranging in age from 21 to 5 years old. They are inspiration and grounding and a constant source of enlightenment. Jenn is a graduate of Penn State with aIMG_20130814_082756_402 B.A. in history with an emphasis in religious studies. She also graduated from Mercyhurst University with a secondary teacher certification and ministry studies. She has worked teaching both young and adults for 25 years in both classroom and workshop and camp settings. Rev. Jenn is a spiritualist minister and is a spiritual healer and medium. She has also completed QiGong healer training with Master Robert Peng. In addition to seeing individual clients Rev. Jenn Shepherd teaches healing, and spiritual development classes.
Jenn also co-founded BOLTS of LOVE You’re welcome to participate with us as we share in recognizing we all carry with us the capacity for Love, Light and Healing. There are no dogmas, there are no faith or non-faith requirements. We believe Like attracts Like in this universe and look forward to gatherings being a place of meeting, healing, sharing and growth for all who gather.

My calling is to help people be more in tune with themselves and their walk with Divine.  Spiritual Healing and Mediumship help people become attuned to Spirit and what is available through Spirit for growth, healing and wellness. Spirit guides. Healing is fluid.  We heal where we need to be healed. We receive what we need to receive. We remember that NEED is different than WANT. We work with Spirit and Energy to heal at all levels. … BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.